outof a older fullsize chevy monster/big wheeled mudder race truck truck?big block runs 2 fans 2-1" cores 19 INCHES TALL 46 INCHES WIDE 2 1/4 IN. CORES TANKS ARE 3IN WIDE 1 1/2 IN UPPER INLET 1 3/4 LOWER OUTLET 2-1" cores OFFERS WELCOME... tacoma, WA 98446 (253) 905-0236
Mark Williams part number 57494. Large 9"pinion bearing remover tool. Removes large ball bearing pinion bearing without damage.. Free shipping to USA. Tacoma, WA 98445 (253) 223-2566
Mark Williams part number PCMW. For setting pinion depth on Mark Williams Aluminum and Nodular Iron cases. Free shipping to USA. Tacoma, WA 98445 (253) 223-2566
Beetle bumper brackets in mint condition. Black ones are powder coated, unsure about silver ones. $10 for 4. You pay shipping. Message me with any questions. Thanks
Used long shifter rod off a 1975 4 speed Bus.$40.00 I also have the short section also $20.00 Stock shifter $15.00
Good passenger side seat. The vinyl is good, but has spot of over spray yellow paint. Good working order
VW Vanagon Gas Tank. From a 1984 tin top. $100 or best offer
Gray ABS Door Pannels for 1980-1990 Vanagon. Front doors, Slidwalland middle wall. $150 or best offer.
Riviera pop top. Front luggage and rear half. With tent., side and rear scissor lift and some of inside the wood rails platform
Rear control arm from 1970 Ghia $20.00 each Spring plate also $20.00 each I can ship this Via Grey Hound Bus
6 Rib Transmission w/axles removed from a 73 VW Bus. Prefer local sale Call or email.... THX'z _________________ PLEASE READ.................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOTE; "I don't barter" on my prices....!! If your interested, Fine....!! If not, Thanks for looking. PAYMENT METHODS ONLY; Paypal or CASH or Walmart-2-Walmart (transaction) I only deal w/ registered Samba members....!! ***** ***** NO overs...
Front Beam from a 1976 Bus complete disc to disc and calipers $250.00 1974 Bus front beam. Rotor to rotor and capers $250.00